Why Translation and Interpretation?

Well, that was my field of study. In other words, I majored in it. And as much as I would like to say that I chose this field of study because I always knew I wanted to study it, it wasn’t like that. It was way simpler. One day, while I was learning basic English, we were asked to take a few sentences, basically an idea, and translate it. It was a simple exercise, but something funny happened. As I was translating, I realized that I could help others who couldn’t. Translating meant that I was able to pass ideas along, help people communicate with one another, transcend barriers through language, and even bring people together. I was hooked!

After that, I decided I wanted to become a Translator and so I did: I went to college and became a certified English/Spanish Translator and soon afterwards, started working in the field. But then reality hit (as it always does). I was translating financial, legal and some medical texts, and working closely with Lawyers helping them “move” information across. But I felt there was something missing. Not that there's anything wrong with finance, law, or the medical field (well, there might be but that is another story). My point is: even though I was doing something I liked, there was a bit of a void.

And along came yoga.


Why Yoga?

What yoga is to me is way harder to explain. And I don't necessarily want to describe here and now what Yoga is to me, but let’s just say that the more I got involved in it, the more at home I felt. Yoga just clicked with me and it rapidly became a lifestyle.

As this happened, I wanted to know more, and I found a great deal of courses, seminars, books, podcasts, etcetera. But soon I realized that some people whom I was having this journey with, didn’t have access to the same sources I had. Since yoga hit the West, most yoga knowledge is translated into English before it is translated into any other languages. Anyone can easily find courses, ideas, books, videos, classes, websites, etc. of yoga in English; If you are a Spanish speaker, you’ll have to wait; most of the time, though, a lot of information is not even translated.

Why Lotus Lingua?

I started translating some content for my family and friends but soon I realized they were not alone. There were tens (possibly hundreds) of people who wanted to learn more about Yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness, etc. but they could only get as far. Interestingly though, I found out that this coin had two sides: there were also quite a number of yoga teachers and ayurvedic professionals actively looking to spread their message across; and language was a barrier. And then it hit me (again). I could do the two things that I like the most (translation and yoga) and I could help both: those who want to send their message across and those who are ready to receive it. It was like going full circle for me.

And that is how Lotus Lingua was born.